Muchova Recycling Solutions offers consultancy in the field of municipal solid waste incinerator bottom ash (MSW IBA) started in 2015. I provide strategy development, process engineering, analytics of input and output products/residue fractions, and advise over the utilization of these streams and the commercialization of the resulting products. I also offer consultancy for other solid waste streams such as processing/upgrading of metals and the optimisation of residue fractions. Due to my extensive experience in processing IBA with newly developed wet and dry systems, I offer advice and support in the development of:
  • New, unique plants (e.g. according to customer requirements, legal conditions, etc.)
  • Optimisation of existing plants (e.g. enhancing existing systems, adding extra recycling steps in order to effectively recover more metals, etc.)
  • Upgrading old plants to a more efficient level by recovering more metals (e.g. ferrous, non-ferrous down to 0.2 mm and precious metals) and upgrading the quality of the residue fraction.