• Calculating Tool: The true commercial values of metals from IBA                                                  
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  • Consultation packages:
Standard package (online)
    • Comprehensive consultation regarding IBA products/waste streams and IBA processing.
    • Thorough assessment based on existing clients’ data/knowledge/videos. It includes rigorous evaluation of current processes and material streams to identify areas for improvement.
    • Tailored recommendations and strategic guidance for IBA improvement (process, products, costs, revenue of products). A summary report included.
Price from €2,900 to €5,000 (depending on the exact content and extent of the expertise required).

Premium package

    • In-depth consultation on IBA products, waste streams, and IBA processing.
    • Comprehensive assessment, incorporating client’s material analysis of recycled products, extensive evaluation of existing processes, and identification of areas for improvement.
    • Customized recommendations and strategic guidance for improving IBA (processes, products, cost optimization, and product revenue), accompanied by a summary report.
The material analysis specifically covers only metal products ranging from 2-20 mm in size. Analysis of further residue fractions and metal/residue fraction <2 mm is excluded, but it can be provided separately based on the client’s requirements. Additionally, on-site sampling at the client’s location can be offered as an additional service.

Price from €5,500 (depending on the content and extent of the expertise required).

  • Development of process design and process improvements (new IBA plants, existing plants)
With a basis in customer requirements, I can support the design, process engineering and optimization of IBA plants (new development, improvement of existing plants). This can be done for standard systems (metals recovery for coarser particles) and for more advanced systems where fraction < e.g. 3-4 mm could be treated.
  • Procedures/guidance with sampling, analyzing IBA
A good system of analysis is the first success to determine your value in bottom ash. Based on this, further steps regarding the design and investment of the plant should be developed. I can provide personal guidance to customers on the analysis and procedures required to achieve the most accurate analytical results for IBA.
  • Development of sampling and analyzing methods for governmental purposes
Due to my extensive experience in analysis of IBA based on my own sampling and analyzing procedures which were successfully applied at several bottom ash plants, I offer consultation which can support the development of procedures for governmental purposes.