New directions with BA
  • Recovery of more metals and recovery of metals from a very fine fraction e.g. < 3 mm to 4 mm

The recovery of more non-ferrous metals and recovery from the very fine fraction of BA is the newest achievement in bottom ash (BA) processing. Approximately 50% of the BA input has a grain size distribution of 3-4 mm. Now, the separation of very fine non-ferrous metals is technically and commercially possible by applying an effective and simple physical separation system.

  • Upgrading metal qualities

Standard non-ferrous metal products generated by typical BA plants are made up of a combination of heavy and light non-ferrous metals. It is only possible to sell such a non-ferrous metal mix to scrap traders/processors/sink-floaters (at a relatively low price) due to the mix and to quality issues. However, upgrading the quality of the non-ferrous metals (e.g. by additionally removing minerals/oxides and via separation into heavy and light non-ferrous products) is a profitable step to take. This increases the product value and enables it to be directly sold to smelters/refineries, etc.